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An arch door

Registrert Dato: Tirsdag 12. Juni 2012

I would like to ask you about the possibilities to order an arch door for the study-room in our house. I am sending you the measurements and pictures. This door is for inside, as you can see from the pictures (see attachments), and we would like it to match the interior of the living room as well, so my guess is that it would be best to execute it in natural wood color, perhaps with a hint of bronze.
Anyway, please inform me about the variants you could suggest, the price and the delivery time. We decided to keep it reasonably cheap, without any glass decorations.

The height of the arch has been measured with 10cm step along the floor:
1. 8m 1. 96m 2. 03m 2. 06m 2. 07m 2. 08m 2. 07m 2. 05m 1. 97m 1. 84m.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold

Avsluttet: Onsdag 11. Juli 2012