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ATC Simulator System for TWR and APP

Registrert Dato: Fredag 22. November 2019

This contract shall enable Avinor ANS to procure an ATC Simulator System for TWR and APP. The Contract Object shall primarily consist of the necessary simulation software, but it shall also include an option for Avinor ANS to procure associated hardware where applicable.
The system shall be designed so that it can easily be deployed to several different geographical locations throughout Avinor ANS’ area of operation, as well as being scalable to fit the differing needs and operational requirements of each such location. Further, the system should provide flexibility to support the principle of “any simulation, anywhere” with remote piloting and include the capability to support different roles within the simulated environment from remote positions.
Avinor ANS intends to enter into a single contract for the provision of an ATC Simulator System for TWR and APP. The contract will have a fixed initial purchase volume, as further specified below, as well as include options for Avinor ANS to increase or decrease the volume over a contract duration of 5 years, with further options for extension of 1 + 1 years.
In addition to the Purchase Contract, Avinor ANS intends to enter into a Maintenance Contract for such services as will normally be provided through such a vessel.

Referansenummer:  T-19/07782

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