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Construction of a second floor in an existing house

Registrert Dato: Fredag 11. Juni 2010

The project is a construction of an addition of a second floor to an existing house located in Bekkestua.

The size of an addition is approximately 95 m2. contains 4 bedrooms and two bathrooms.

The building permits are given, electrician and plumber are ready to start.

The attached files describe the following:
E1-the existing house
E2-the addition to be build

The price offer should NOT include:
1. Windows, doors, parquet, paint and fliser;
2. Electrical and plumber work and their material;
3. The existing takstein would be reused on the new roof.

The price offer should include all the relevant material and work including the above paragraph (1).

We would like to start the building work as soon as possible, the project time frame is 3 months!!!

If you are interested in taking this project then I will need from you the following:
1. permits from Baerum kommune.
2. references of a similar type of project

If you are interested in taking this then please contact me for additional questions and inquiries.

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Material, Takstein

Sandvika, Akershus

Avsluttet: Søndag 13. Juni 2010