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K-188094 - Framework agreement for airport ground lighting equipment

Registrert Dato: Tirsdag 18. Desember 2018

Avinor AS are looking to acquire five framework contracts for the supply of visual aids for navigation (lights).
The scope of the framework contracts acquired in this request for tender (RFT) shall include deliverance of AGL lighting fixtures, CCR, transformers and connections and spare parts to all 44 Avinor airports through a hub in Oslo Airport.
This RFT is to end as five framework contracts for Avinor AS with an estimated yearly purchase of 43-50 MNOK. The contracts duration is two years with options for prolonging 2+2+2 year (In total 8 years).
This tender will result in five framework contracts divided into the following packages:
• Constant Current Regulators (CCR)
• LED Airport Ground Lighting (AGL)
• Halogen Airport Ground Lighting (AGL)
• Signs
• Transformers and connections
One supplier has the possibility to win one or more of the individual packages.
All the orders in this contract will be done from a central contact point in Avinor, directly to the
supplier, and the day to day needs will be delivered to Oslo Airport/Gardermoen.
Avinor offers to test out new equipment in cooperation with the supplier as a part of this contract in different climatic areas. Avinors 44 airports provide a variety of climatic
challenges, airport sizes, and traffic amount distributed all over Norway giving the supplier a
valuable testing environment.

Referansenummer:  18/06919

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