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P-181080 Information Display System

Registrert Dato: Tirsdag 15. November 2011

The Contracting Entity shall replace its current Flight Information Display System, FIDS, with a new solution. The FIDS functionality is the most important feature, but at the same time we aim to benefit from advances in technology in the field.
The new display solution should
? provide flight information to passengers and employees, mainly through screens
? be customizable
? replace the current FIDS solution at OSL which has about 400 screens
? in case of an Avinor option exercise, replace the FIDS solution at some of Avinor?s other airports, possibly with a combination of on site- and remotely run solutions.
? work as a stand-alone solution, but also be extendable so that in future it can be a part of a more powerful Digital Signage system
The display solution must be scalable, expandable and flexible. The procurement will not include delivery of new physical screens.
Following the prequalification OSL will give an invitation to tender for a delivery containing the following:
? A technical IDS solution.
? Integration with data sources and data consumers
? Installation of the system
? Teaching
? Documentation
? Undertaking of defined test periods and trial period
? Service and support
This procurement is carried out by Oslo Airport Gardermoen by itself and Avinor AS. The contract will include an option for Avinor AS to purchase the solution, within a defined time frame.
This option will be further described in the invitation to tender.
NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Doffin Web Site at *** Linken er fjernet ***

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Avsluttet: Onsdag 14. Desember 2011