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P-181712 Touchscreeen Information Kiosks

Registrert Dato: Fredag 13. Juli 2012

Travelers have a lot of questions during their time at the airport on their way to a destination, during transfer, or after arrival. In several places in Oslo Airport there are no information desks or physical person available to resolve the questions. The most frequent types of enquiry are specific and fixed. To the most common questions, the response can easily be provided via an interactive information system.
Oslo Airport will place a number of interactive information kiosks in the terminal building to enhance the travelers experience and meet the increased demand for information. The primary purpose of the information kiosks is to provide relevant information to the users in the mode of travelling.
For further information see the document invitation to prequalify.
NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Doffin Web Site at *** Linken er fjernet ***

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Avsluttet: Onsdag 22. August 2012