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Painting of house

Registrert Dato: Mandag 08. Juni 2009

Regarding your interest of painting my house.

Please feel free to inspect the house in Rabakken 5, 0880 Oslo. I need the offer by june 10th to be able to evaluate.

The offer should be fixed price + and price per hour for extra work.

Specification of work:

The house consists of two parts, the new part and the old part.

Old part of the house,
· Two coats (strøk) of stain (beis)
· All white parts to be washed and painted white
· To handrails (rekkverk) to be painted white
· White chimney (pipe) to be scraped of and painted
· Zink (sinkbeslag) on balcony to be scraped and painted
· Foundation wall to be scraped where necessary and painted white (only the old part)
· Ceiling with the outside fireplace to be paid

New part of the house and the garage
· It was painted last year, but the materials have dried and shrink, so it is a need to go over and paint the unpainted stripes. No need to paint everything

There is also a need to change some of the panel in the south, but that could be taken on time and material.

I will pay for painting.

There are also some smaller parts of work inside the house to be agreed upon.

All work to be invoiced with MVA. Please give me your organisasjonsnummer.

The workers need to have insurance. I would think security would be best taken care of with a lift. I have a latter, but it is not suited for work on the higher levels.

Best regards,
Hans Olav Hamran

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Lift, Panel, Pipe, Rekkverk

Oslo, Oslo

Avsluttet: Tirsdag 07. Juli 2009