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RFI - Electric charging infrastructure for 200 articulated buses

Registrert Dato: Torsdag 28. Mai 2020

The aim of this request for information is for Ruter to gain insight into how we can build efficient and smart electric charging infrastructure for bus depots with 100 % electric buses.
In order to gain this insight, we want feedback, primarily from suppliers of charging infrastructure equipment, on a case study with some accompanied questions listed further down in this document. In addition, we ask suppliers to share some technical information and drawings of their equipment.
To better understand the proposed solution to this case study Ruter will invite responders to one-to-one meetings for a presentation of the suggested solution.
We emphasize that Ruter has a duty of confidentiality for trade secrets in accordance with the rules in the Public Act (offentleglova) and the Public Administration Act (forvaltningsloven). Hence, Ruter will not disclose any of the suppliers´ trade secrets to third parties.
For more information see attached documents.

Referansenummer:  20/01058

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