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Services related Safety assessment within Air Navigation Services - Avinor

Registrert Dato: Mandag 17. Desember 2012

The objective of this Framework agreement is the delivery of safety assessment consultancy services for Air Navigation Services (ANS) systems.
The scope is conducting, or assisting in conducting, safety assessment work for ANS functional system changes in general, and for software in ANS functional systems.
A Safety Assessment shall, as appropriate and relevant, include all safety relevant elements, i.e. equipment, procedures and human factors, also including the training and competence of operational and technical staff. The scope of any Safety Assessment shall, however, be appropriate to the extent and complexity of the improvement measure to be assessed.
Below is listed some of the typical analyses in the Framework Agreement period.
? Unit Safety Cases ANS
? Human Factor Analyses
? Risk Analyses of Air Navigation Services.
The Safety Assessment of various system elements shall be carried out using appropriate safety assessment techniques such as, Eurocontrol methodologies, Avinor internal methodologies or other relevant generic methodology . Avinor has established internal guidelines and templates and models for conducting safety assessments /risk analysis, and the Contractor must adhere to and apply these as required.
The output from each step of a safety activity shall be documented by the Contractor. All outputs shall be reviewed by Avinor for comment and approval within a time period to be agreed for each Safety Assessment contract.
NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Doffin Web Site at *** Linken er fjernet ***

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