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Tiling and kitchen work in verven

Registrert Dato: Onsdag 25. Mai 2011


I have just moved into a new apartment in Verven and would like help with the following jobs:

1) Tiling of the outside balcony (approx. 11.3m^2). This may require removal of old block tiles, and putting down a new concrete base with iron net.
2) Replacement of a gypsum wall between kitchen workbench and kitchen cupboards as removing the old tiles in this area requires the wall section be replaced (approx 2.22 * 0.51 = 1.13m^2)
3) Tiling of the entire kitchen wall between workbench and cupboards (approx 2.22 * 0.51 + 2.28 * 0.51 = 2.3m^2).
4) Mounting of new wooden kitchen workbench and cutting out area for fitting of oven and sink (I have all the new items already)
5) Fitting of matching wood pieces above fridge and in front of ventilator.

As I have no car, I will need help to pick up the material.

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Stavanger, Rogaland

Avsluttet: Onsdag 01. Juni 2011