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Workers needed

Registrert Dato: Mandag 28. Januar 2013

We are a Norwegian building and real estate company. We own property across south east of Norway and are also taking on external projects. Due to very high demand we are looking to attract new partners who can work for us on our projects. The company we hire can expect A LOT OF JOBS, once proven quality of work.

What we are looking for in particular is:
- A company with minimum 10 workers
- The workers must be precise and come
as agreed
- Perform work at a high level of quality. We are
known for excellent finish and high customer
- Be careful and considerate with surroundings
- Finish projects on time
- The workmen or minimum the boss must speak
functional English
- The company must have tools, equipment and
- Will be working both by the hour and also by
fixed price

Please reply by e-mail only. Write a few lines about your company and we will contact you by phone.

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Entreprenør, Flislegger, Gulv, Gulvsliping, Maler, Murer, Snekker

Oslo, Oslo

Avsluttet: Torsdag 28. Februar 2013