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Framework Agreement - Delivery of flight inspection services

Registrert Dato: Onsdag 23. Mai 2012

1 General
Inspections , including periodic, of different means of radio navigations aids at 52 airports in Norwegian-, including Svalbard/Spitsbergen airspace. The navigation aids in question are ILS Cat I,II,III, VOR,DME, NDB and VDF. Additionally, the scope will be commissioning flights and validation of RNAV and GNSS procedures. The activities referenced above shall be based on recommendations in ICAO Doc 8071.
Verification of correct coverage of the VHF-datalink; radio-technical field-strength measurements in dBm, for SCAT-I purposes.
3 Validation of the SCAT-I approach procedure; verifying that the published procedure is flyable,
NOTE: SCAT-I is a differential GPS-based (Ground Based Augmentation System) instrument landing system, with performance equal to that of ILS Cat-I. The system is a fore-runner to todays GBAS-systems, where the fundamental difference between the two is that the VHF datalink of SCAT-I has a proprietary protocol. SCAT-I is installed/will be installed on 17 of Norway?s regional airports; and is currently operated by Wideroes Flyveselskap AS (WIF) operating with DH-8-100 and Sundt Air (MDT) operating with BE20.
Avinor reserves the right to split the total scope of work as indicated above and enter into separate contracts
NOTE: To register your interest in this notice and obtain any additional information please visit the Doffin Web Site at *** Linken er fjernet ***

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