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P-181025 Security control services - Passenger terminal and adjcent areas

Registrert Dato: Fredag 14. Oktober 2011

Oslo Airport Gardermoen is Norway?s main airport, and the airport terminal is a junction point for all passengers, passenger baggage handling and a large number of employees.
To be able to meet the total need for security control services, approximately 25 checkpoints for security control of passengers, baggage, crew and employees and cargo are established. In addition to operation of these checkpoints, there is a need for various types of security control services. Examples of these are, but not limited to carrying out security guard tasks, patrolling and alarm/emergency assignments in response to various types of incidents.
The different types of security services require specialized training and authorization of personnel. The supplier will have to carry out continuous cost-effective training, both theoretical and practical, to be able to meet the need for qualified personnel at any given time during the contracting period.
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Alarm & sikkerhet, Utleie

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Avsluttet: Mandag 14. November 2011