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Registrert Dato: Mandag 06. September 2010

Sender inn denne mailen som jeg har sendt andre, utenlandske entreprenører:

I’ve inherited some money, and plan to buy an apartment that needs some renovating. The apartment is out for sale now – and the bidding starts already at first coming Monday. Before I go into the bidding rounds, I need to know if the apartment is worth renovation/ the investment. In other words - I consider using your company at the job (I had good experiences with using polish workers earlier).

The apartment is 70 sqm, located close to Grunerløkka in Oslo – and is in an OK condition. The apartment is a part of a brick building, and I think the walls are either cement or bricks. It consists of three bedrooms, a hallway, one bath (which is brand new), a living room and a kitchen.

Plumbing/electricity work: On your website – none of these services were listed. How can we solve this kind of work within the Norwegian laws and up to the standards required? Do you have any collaborators or is it possible to cooperate with some firms that are approved? (I think the whole electric system needs to be changed - and I want it hidden, maybe there will be a plumber needed for connecting the kitchen sink).

In general: I want this apartment to look “high class” and modern. All white, light, wooden floor, sharp corners with as few frames, moldings, saddles as possible. I want it to appear light and open.

I have just been to this apartment once, and as far I can see, this is what is needed to be done to bring it up in shape:

• Stripping the apartment, making it ready to renovate
o Remove wall paper (not “strietapet”) on all walls
o Remove old floor cover from all the rooms (some “parkett” and some linoleum)
o Trash old base moldings, doors, frames
o Tear down a light inner wall
o Remove old electricity (can be done in cooperation with an electrician – if you don’t have one?)
o Get rid of all the trash
o Trash old built in cabinets/closet (x3)
o Trash an old wood oven in the hallway
o Remove a lowered ceiling (just plates)

• Renovation
o Sharp corners without moldings on all walls, openings, doors, windows
o New doors (maybe sliding doors) on 3 rooms. I’ll provide them
o Mounting a new kitchen (which I will provide). Not a very big one
 Cutting the bench to fit in a “L”-shape
o Some carpeting work: hide some pipes in a box, rebuild an ugly closet
o As said: a little bit of plumber work (move the sink a bit
o New, hidden electricity throughout the whole apartment – I think there is a need for a new fuse cabinet
o Make space in the wall for sunken cables and outlets, as well as switches
o Laying new floor, wooden parquet (that looks like planks) with some isolation beneath in all rooms. I’ll provide the parquet
o Transform a door into a big opening (from the hallway into the living room). In other words – tear down the wall sides
o Make all the doorways go all the way up to the ceiling. IOW: Tear down the wall over the openings
o Open up a brick wall – so that the door opening – is not a door opening any more – just a big opening (this has to be approved by the board)
o Maybe build a sliding door closet in one of the bedrooms?
o Put in a new fire place (maybe) which I will provide
o Fix the ceiling in two/three rooms (10 sqm each) (plaster/cement?)
o Make the whole apartment as “simple” as possible; ergo – straighten corners, remove frames/moldings so that it appears modern. The same goes for the windows – I would like to have windows without moldings around
o Plaster the walls
o Maybe needs some fixing with cement here and there (the walls seems to be in pretty good condition)
o Project leading – need someone who can handle the whole project – and which I can communicate through, as well as this person should be responsible for agreements with electrical firms/plumber and stuff that needs to done according to the Norwegian standards. Helping me budgeting. Advice me if there is cheaper solutions and so on
o Paint all the walls white (either I or you can provide the paint)
o Make the finish neat

• Other
o As mentioned: the bidding starts on Monday, and to even consider this job, I need some kind of feedback from you
o The apartment will be shown in public Saturday and Sunday from 13-14. I will be there at Sunday, but have no chance being there on Saturday
o Can you help me out with a rough price on this job. My budget is 200-250.000 kroner (haven’t got more if I am going to buy the kitchen and the floor)
o I will need some kind of guarantee that if I buy the apartment – you will do the job with a slack of 10-15% on the price
o We need to contract this well, as it is a big step for me. I will need guarantees for the electricity work/the plumbing work. What if-guarantees (for example if the job isn’t finished in time)
o If we agree on this, there are several solutions
 I rent out the apartment until next Easter (or to Christmas) as it is now. Still living in my apartment. After that you do the job, while I sell my apartment. One-two months of work?
 You start the work as soon as possible – and I don’t rent out this new apartment. I wait for 1-2 months from now – and then move in (this is the solution I am most interested in)
o There is a link to the prospect here:
o I have a 3d drawing that I made of how I want it to look

Sorry for the stress, but this apartment just popped up right now. Please don’t hesitate to call me.

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Avsluttet: Mandag 06. September 2010