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Tetthetskontroll med termografering

Registrert Dato: Mandag 11. Februar 2013


I live in a house in Dagalivein in Oslo (around 200 square meters). The house has been built in 1978 and there are clearly some isolation issues. We can feel the cold all the time, the floor is cold, I don´t think doors have isolation inside, etc.

I would like to have a quote regarding Tetthetskontroll med termografering.

I would like as well to have some more details about your company (for how long you have done this, skills of the employees, ).

I need to understans a bit more if it´s really important to do both Tetthetskontroll and termografering. What is your point of view on this?

Do you as well give some advices at the end regarding what we have to change / build?

Could you please describe the process ? How long will it take? When would you be available?

Could you please as well giving me some details regarding the documentation we will get at the end of the operation?

Thanks in advance for your help.
And my apologies, the communication has to be in English (or french)

Best regards.

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Oslo, Oslo

Avsluttet: Onsdag 13. Mars 2013