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Transportation of Feed Silos from 7602 Levanger to 1892 Degernes

Registrert Dato: Torsdag 02. Juli 2020

Hello, We would like an offer for transportation of 3 partly dismanteled feed silos, from 7602 Levanger to 1892 Degernes. The silos shows in the attached picture. They will be partly dismanteled down to their support legs. The total length of each silo will be 4, 0 meters. In addition there will be a pallet of dismanteled halfcircle silo walls. Some pipes and the 3 topcovers. Width of the silos (diameter) is 2, 1 meters. The silos weigh below 750 kg. Each complete, so the total weight of the whole shipment will be around 2300 kg. There must be qouted in some extra support for the silos because the supportlegs are narrower than the silo diameter. We don`t want the silos circle shape to be damaged. Total dimensions: Silos 3 pieces of width/width/length 2, 1X2, 1X4, 0 meters 1, 0 meter pallet with walls. Total of 13-14 meters of loading space, 2, 1 meters high. All though the silos look huge on the pictures they will be partly dismantlede down to the dimensions noted above. Total value of silos =30.000, - NOK There will be lifting help (crane) on pickup in Levanger, and a tractor with frontloader for unloading in Degernes. We would like, if possible the transport to be completed in 15/7-15/8 2020. Please specify possible timeframes and total cost of transport. Regards

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