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Company, recently established in Bergen, meets your needs with the highest quality services.

Comprised of a team of young and dedicated, with relevant experience in the areas of construction and cleaning, we are available for the following works:

Construction, interior and exterior:
- foundations, floors, masonry, plastering, and roofing;
-partitions light elements, aluminum, wood and other
similar materials (gypsum boards, mineral wool high
density sides finished)
- Execution of floor finishes and various tiles (tiles,
granite, street pavements etc.).
- Executions interior and exterior finishes, plasters, interior stairs, exterior stairs

Works cleaning, maintenance and household.

Our strengths are:
- The use of optimum quality materials-value products
indigenous firms
- Development of outstanding quality work due to qualification
professional employees of the company;
- Rates lowered by good management;
- Flexibility and adaptability to the requirements of the beneficiaries.

We expect all requests assuring you of our concern and responsibility to email adress or at the mobil number.

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