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We are a family company which after long years of work Norwegian firm decided to open their own company,

We are a construction company which specializes in a wide range of construction and repair work.

We have more than 10 years experience in the construction field in Norway.

Many years experience in the construction market has taught us how to develop a wide range of high-quality projects.

Our business principles:

With the high quality of your intake duties and individual approach for each object.

Maximum responsibility for the final results.

Maximum customer rolling realization construction process.

We guarantee high quality of work, good communication with customers and customer satisfaction with the results obtained.

Our Services-

NEW BUILDING-Residential construction, major project construction of buildings, office buildings, warehouse building

COSMETIC REPAIR- We offer a wide range of internal cosmetic repairs.

RECONSTRUCION - insulation, concrete and roofing work, as well as demolition

CONSTRUCTION WORKS - Foundation work, roof construction, repair and finishing works.

We have good reviews from previous clients.