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I am a freelance architect providing services in the various west coast areas. although i do not speak norwegian my part.. Vis mer
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I am a freelance Architect providing services in the various West coast areas. Although I do not speak Norwegian my partner will help me with this if correspondence is preferred in your language.
Kommunikasjon kan tas på Norsk siden partner min kan oversetter til engelsk når det er nødvendig.
My fixed base is in Bergen and I can travel to your area when and if required.
I can help you with advice for deciding the best solutions for carrying out extensions (påbygg+tilbygg), alterations for achieving better area utilization or daylight access as well as other alterations such as arches, carports, driveway, storage, planning etc. I can supply architectural drawings for all of the aforementioned but also can design, plan and manage the construction of a complete new building if requested.
My rates to you for carrying out architecture work such as drawings, giving advice, managing a project, designing/planning, carrying out building applications etc, would be very reasonable in comparison to most other Norwegian Architect companies.
No extra costs for travel to locations for meetings and surveying.
All correspondence for request of quotes, advice etc will be welcome.
Qualified ansvarsrett!
Norwegian Tax registered!
Please find attached examples of my work to date.