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Hello! my name is andrius petrulis, the owner of petrulis bygg. i am a carpenter with 15 years experience in constructio.. Vis mer
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Hello! My name is Andrius Petrulis, the owner of Petrulis Bygg. I am a carpenter with 15 years experience in construction. The last 4 years I´ve been working in Norway.

My company specializes in carpeting, specifically building terraces, fences, stairs, floors, and laying laminate parquet. We also do gypsum windows, installation of doors, roof covering etc. I offer top quality, time-effective work, and I can also contribute with both an electrician or a plumber depending on the job.

Please call me if you have questions or need help, and I would be happy to talk with you. I am new on Anbudstorget, but I have multiple pictures here on my profile if you want to have a look at some of my previous jobs.

Phone number: 465 74 477
All the best.
Andrius Petrulis, Petrulis Bygg.