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Who are we? we are a professional team who wants to bring comfort in your houses. what we can do? we do a lot of w.. Vis mer

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Who are we?

We are a professional team who wants to bring comfort in your houses.

What we can do?

We do a lot of works but generally we are engaged in: painting, polishing, installing and mounting walls and gypsum-ceilings, doors and windows, glass change, lists, paneling and carpentry, assembled furniture, ceramic tiles, concrete floors, constructions of brick, plastering, poured concrete, steps and stairs, aluminum squares, wall isolations sound and thermic proof, ornamental stone paving, putting epoxy and polyurethane.

Which is our experience?

We started more than 10 years ago making indoor finishing works. Then we combined it with hight altitude painting and renovations as utilitarian climbers (last work was Arena Stadium for 40.000 people ) and mountaineering service. We are working in Norway since 2010.

What authorization do we have?

We work with licensed plumber and electrician.

Why to choose us?

We are respectful, friendly, nice and with common sense. We don´t smoke or drink. We are entirely honest, diligent, and we keep our terms. Our experience helps us giving you an excellent quality of the work.
We would like to be a part of something more than a simple business. Your comfort is our satisfaction.

Feel comfortable, live in comfort!