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Welcome to tauret. my speciality is to splitt solid rocks around and under buildings, also preparing place for new one... Vis mer

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Welcome to TAURET.

My speciality is to splitt solid rocks around and under buildings, also preparing place for new one. I am splitting inside and outide houses, gardens and wherever you have solid rock which you want to remove. Deepening basements is my usual work to do because I am useing best on the market hydraulic equipment which allow me to control cracks and avoid typical side effects of dynomite bursting or trollkraft cracking. It is really sefe methood aspecially close to the buildings or even under.
Just for exaple - very often one side of a foundation is laying on the rock while other side is on the clay or earth and I need to make everything 2 meters deeper. Making a good drenage in a bad ground can be chalenging too. Replacing bearing walls with the steel beams is my job too. Sometimes it is just necessary and other times it just makes my work easier and gives you better possibilities to organize the space. After I am done with deepening I am preparing basement for carpenting - cutting door and window openings, making layers of drenage, isolation, radon membrane and reinforced concrete floor.
Finding good solution to make new walls inside can give you a headache too. Truth is that each project have different guidelines for perfect solution.
You can expect from me advices on every stage of your project but you decide if you want to which solution to choose. I will not agree on selected method only if I see it dengerous for you, your house or myself.
I will run your project from A to Å.
I have big experience with basements and many satisfied customers.

Do not hestitate to take contact and ask.

Befaring cost 1000kr and making an offer cost from 500kr to 2500kr and it depends on size of the project.
Those costs are being canceled if you decide to use my services.

rock removing (fjellsplitting):
- deepening basements
- drenage
- preparing place for house enlargement, garage or anything you like

anything with concrete:
- casting (forskaling)
- floors
- understøpe foundations
- cutting door and window openings

We can make also:
- house enlargement, garage, etc with concrete, leca blocks, bricks or other hard materials
- drenage
- foundations isolation
- skiffer works